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You communicate with these specialists and set tasks for them. You can even treat them as your remote in-house workers. Outsourcing vendors offer a variety of possibilities for development.

outstaffing agency

With hundreds of projects behind us, over the past 10 years we have built-up an understanding of how different industries work. ProCoders managed full-stack development of a website and a hybrid app, which they integrated with third-party platforms. The team built features including scheduling, payment and account creation capabilities. “The talent they provide is highly commendable. I would very gladly work with them again.” ProCoders provided frontend development and QA to augment an internal team. You are looking for long-term cooperation with a service provider.

Defining The Key Team Players To Work Alongside With A Client’s Technical Manager

This could be an Upwork, Fiverr, or ProductHunt recognition. When your business requires IT services, it can be a complicated task to decide between outsourcing the services or hiring a local recruitment agency. Outsourcing is the best decision for situations when you have an excellent idea, but don’t have any clue how to transform it into reality! In that case, the agency will ask you the right questions and select an individual project development plan, which will be elaborated by highly qualified specialists. Moreover, you won’t have to manage the team, spend time on finding the right people, and get involved in the development processes.

outstaffing agency

If you want to contact and set tasks for developers directly, outstaffing is a great option. You are always in touch with them during business hours. Online education is in big demand in this unpredictable and challenging world. Our developers has been a part of the engineering teams to create disruptive web platforms for networking, webinars and online classes.


We will permanently monitor the activities of the staff, maintain its working process, and provide all the salary payments in time to maximize the efficiency of the result. You aim to cut costs on development and hire developers with lower rates. At this stage, the main task is to contact the selected agencies.

outstaffing agency

For you, we’ll hire people who match the qualifications for the job positions. If you want to strengthen your in-house team with the expertise of remote employees and save costs on official employment, choose outstaffing. Concorde is adept at matching highly qualified candidates to our client’s corporate culture and job specifications. Ukraine is fast becoming one of the leading countries offering outstaffing solutions.

Heavily Long Or Too Expensive Hiring Process

The country has many of the top RPO companies with access to a large pool of highly experienced candidates with excellent skills and knowledge, as well as proficiency in English. Recruitment agencies exist to find the right talent for available positions in companies. Most often, businesses will approach a recruitment agency to find a suitable candidate for an open position in outstaffing agency the company. These agencies source and vet candidates to make sure they have the right skills and knowledge to fill the position. When the pandemic began, everyone was forced to face a new reality, in which a classic workflow was violated. All business owners had to review the way they manage their projects or employees and faced both financial and organizational challenges.

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You need a team of hard-core professionals, but hiring them is expensive and long. Submit certain business processes to third-party experts and get the finished result from the hands of SkandaPro. Havedevs is a outstaffing agency based in Düsseldorf, Germany. We have a worldwide network of qualified developers ready to be connected to your project. In this article, we tried to describe all the main stages that cannot be ignored when choosing the outstaffing company for your project. Believe me, it’s better to first spend more time on market research and get a good result, rather than hurry up and then have problems and horrible quality.

They dedicate these professionals exclusively to your projects (part-time or full-time). An outsourced team often works on several projects simultaneously. It means that they won’t be as focused on your project or product as your in-house team would be.

Why Noor Staffing Group?

In order to make the process of work and cooperation as smooth as possible, a good thing is to ask to take a project manager of an outstaffing company. That will bring the highest effectiveness because their PM knows perfectly how to work with their staff. At TalentsHub, we are proud to have served over 100+ clients in the last five years. We could not have done it without our IT recruiter’s team’s dedication and hard work.

outstaffing agency

You get your payment monthly on the basis of hours worked by the developer. It’s always you, who decides on the amount of your commission.. Developers work directly with clients and reporting hourly reports in client infrastructure and clients rules. You sign a contract directly with your client on behalf of your own brand. If you like to keep a check on things, not having any access to direct management might be a drawback for you.

It makes hiring in-house teams an even more intricate process. 96% of business leaders from the tech industry say it’s very or somewhat challenging for their company to find skilled professionals. No need to spend time on educating employees. You get access to skilled talent, and never have to train junior employees. A manager from your company can contribute to employee training — yet, it does not have to be your chief responsibility. We focus on staff retention of our clients’ teams, making sure we get regular feedback from all parties involved in the outstaff development.

Our dedicated developers would also be happy to help you correct any problems being a part of your team. Although the app is still being fine-tuned, ProCoders have succeeded in creating a promising product. The team was open to exploring new ideas, even in early development. Although better conferencing tools might improve communication, ProCoders were very responsive and overall a joy to work with. The vendor’s efforts supported quick turnarounds.

Strong and effective management of an outstaffing company is a guarantee of successful and beneficial cooperation. Pay close attention to this, because managers provide the functionality inside any company. Not every recruiting agency provides guarantees, so always ask for a plan B, if something goes wrong and the candidate found doesn’t cope with tasks during their probation period. Nevertheless, if you ask for help from ITExpert, you won’t face this issue — we guarantee the replacement of the candidate if they don’t fit. Since you decide how to motivate employees, their level of engagement is higher compared to outsourced and outstaffed teams.

Hiring a specialist in an out-staffing agency is 60% more profitable than finding a full-time employee. We have a world-wide network of professional developers so you don’t have to waste time finding them. You have access to a larger tech talents pool with the possibility to hire the most suitable candidate for your project. Talentshub is a reliable European company with a 7-year effective staffing track record as an IT outstaffing agency.

Why Choose Our Outstaffing Agency

When using a local IT recruitment agency, businesses have to manage their projects independently. This means they may require skilled managers or team leaders to lead and guide teams. Back and front end development staffing agencies will source local talent with the right skills, knowledge and experience for the client’s role. The worldwide pandemic has forced many businesses to opt for remote working solutions, as more and more professionals have started working from home. Businesses are looking for professionals who can work remotely while saving them valuable money and resources.

  • The Contractor manages to pay wages and other remunerations to the personnel provided, which is why hiring personnel is a simplified employment archetype.
  • You save up to 30% on employment costs, as these people are officially employed not by you but by an outstaffing company.
  • So such an option as hiring an outstaffing company turned out to be a real relief.
  • With outstaffing, one good specialist might be hired by several companies.
  • We fill the gap of critical talents by doing thorough interviews.

Project-based hiring is becoming more popular among Fortune 500 companies. For example, P&G used platforms such as UpWork for new product development of R&D needs. Furthermore, IT recruiting agencies may screen the candidates by doing background checks and then shortlisting those who have passed the tests. Cooperating with SKANDAPRO, you solve the goals of your business with the participation of the best specialists in their field.

As a result of the satisfying products the team delivered, ProCoders continues to direct platform updates. Attentive and accessible, the team is available around-the-clock to resolve challenges. Providing high-quality services, they remain a valuable partner. The projects have clear goals and project management. 73% of surveyed employers said they plan to increase the number of interim, project-based, or contract IT employees on their staff. Scaling or reducing the number of employees can be done with minimal downtime since all communication is handled by the vendor.

We take special care when we hire our staff to ensure that they are experienced, professional and well-mannered. CONCEPT Waiters agency was formed to provide you with event model staffing solutions that are effective, efficient and high-end services. Our primary goal is to provide you with high-energy, attractive and intelligent model waiters who can help to align your brand with influencers.

The particular algorithms of quality testing and monitoring quality considering the statistically significant variations will help businesses provide only reliable products and services. Another essential point that needs to be clarified when selecting an outstaffing company is how rates are calculated and payment is made. One of the important details that need to be found in the communication process is whether the agency can provide employees with the right skills. You will get the first matching CVs in 3 working days after contacting our company. We’ll draft the ideal staffing contract to fulfill talent and project goals, guarantee trouble-free operations, and advance your company.

The outstaffing market is constantly growing all over the world. This is connected to the cheaper price and the range of quality. Most companies don’t want to make digital products in-house, for it incurs the high cost of labor and arranging of additional working space.

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